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    Picture this – you are finally done with work, you come home, you put on your favourite Netflix show and you just relax for the rest of the day. “But who is gonna clean the bathroom?” – you may wonder. We say leave that to us. We are a family-owned cleaning company that will connect you with the most efficient maids in the Winter Park, FL area. Our streamlined house cleaning services are designed to take away the dreaded chores from your everyday life. You can count on us to put you through with the best cleaning experts that offer:

    • Standard cleaning – weekly house cleaning that will freshen up your home
    • Move in/move out cleaning – one less source of stress to worry about on this big day
    • Deep cleaning that targets every nook and cranny in your home
    • Organic cleaning that relies on eco-friendly and toxin-free supplies

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    Why choose Florida Maids?

    Apart from our enthusiasm for clean and healthy homes, we are also very passionate about our customers’ experience. We will go to great lengths to ensure you get a consistent quality of house cleaning service each and every time. You can rest assured that your Winter Park home is left in good hands.



    Quality Guaranteed

    We can connect you with some of the finest cleaning services you can find in the entire Winter Park area.


    Reasonable Rates

    No hassle, no stress, and no hidden fees with the Florida Maids. What we say, we proudly deliver.


    Expert Maids of Honor

    The maids we match you with have passed background checks and a thorough 5-step training program.


    Easy & Quick Scheduling

    Book your professional maid services in less than 3 minutes through our intuitive online platform.


    100% satisfaction guarantee

    We take pride in being reliable and efficient, so naturally, we consider customer satisfaction our number one priority. Therefore, if at any point you feel like the cleaning services are not up to par, you can easily contact us, and our team will gladly assist you. We will work to immediately resolve any issues you might have experienced. If you happen to be dissatisfied, we will send someone to re-clean any problematic areas free of charge the very next day, as 100% customer happiness is what we strive for.

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    There’s no need to amplify your daily fatigue by taking up more workload in the form of daily chores. It’s time for you to start seizing the day and leave the laundry and deep carpet cleaning to the professionals. Contact us now so we can match you with fully-vetted and skilled maids in Winter Park. Simply click on the form below to get a quick quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Many people believe that time is our most valued asset. So, if you agree with the statement, then why keep wasting it on mundane daily chores? Contact us and we will delegate the cleaning responsibilities to the professionals. Notonly will it save you precious time, but you can also enjoy these additional benefits by hiring a professional cleaning service in Winter Park:
      – Trained and experienced professional maids that aim to exceed your expectations
      – Less stress in your everyday life
      – Impeccably clean house free from germs and bacteria

    • A standard cleaning service is designed to remove dust and dirt from your home and keep it tidy on a regular basis. A maid service checklist usually comprises of a few typical tasks such as:
      – Dusting
      – Vacuuming
      – Mopping
      -Cleaning the bathroom, and more
      The main goal is that your home in Winter Park is kept clean and healthy. If you need a more thorough clean, deep cleaning or move in/move out cleaning services may be the better option, depending on your needs.

    • Cleaning is one of the essential tasks to include in your moving checklist. Whether you’re leaving your old home to new owners or wish to settle in in a fresh, healthy environment, cleaning should be done with care and attention to detail.
      In addition to thoroughly cleaning all important areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, you also need to use effective supplies and proper cleaning methods. Of course, to save both time and energy, feel free to contact The Florida Maids. We will facilitate the moving process for you by delivering detail-focused, specialized move in/move out cleaning services in Winter Park and the area.

    • A deep house cleaning in Winter Park is likely to include more detailed and time-consuming cleaning tasks. This type of service aims to remove dirt and grime from less accessible areas such as under the furniture and behind appliances. A deep cleaning is often recommended for first-time customers, as it helps facilitate regular cleaning later on.

    • Organic cleaning service relies on using non-toxic and biodegradable products. It is shown that following green cleaning practices can reduce carbon footprint and is more beneficial to people’s general health. Additionally, using organic cleaning supplies also lowers the risk for allergies and it is much safer for pets.
      The Florida Maids is proud to present the organic cleaning service in Winter Park. If you prefer the eco-friendly cleaning supplies, call us now and we will match you with some of the best “green” maids in the industry.

    • Whether you’re looking for a standard bi-weekly maid service, or in a desperate need for some deep moving in/moving out cleaning, our services are just a few clicks away. Whether you’re located near Mead Botanical Garden or any other part of WInter Park, simply rely on our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and trust in our match-making skills to connect you with the top maids in the area.
      Apart from Winter Park, FL, we can offer a variety of expert house cleaning services in Orlando and across the area, including top-quality maid services in Sorrento, client-focused home cleaning in Winter Garden, and convenient cleaning services in Windermere. No matter what your cleaning needs are – The Florida Maids staff is here to meet them. Contact us now.

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