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    What We Offer

    The Florida Maids helps make room for what truly matters by giving you more time, less hassle and a dependable cleaner for all your cleaning needs! Book with us and receive the assistance of skilled maids and an approachable support team. Enjoy a smooth customer experience throughout, no nonsense, no hassle! Just pick your optimal maid service package:

    • Regular Residential Cleaning will keep your home clean and fresh
    • Spring or Top-to-Bottom-Deluxe Cleaning will make your home sparkle based on a detailed, carefully devised approach

    Neatly Executed Cleaning Service Available Anytime

    We bring you the convenience of an easily accessible cleaning service available anywhere in Orlando and other areas across the region. Make the most of your every appointment!

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    We have made the maid service booking process neat and simple, enabling you to schedule your appointment in under a minute.

    On Time Appointment

    Your cleaners will arrive right on time, ready to get to work and make your property delightfully clean and fresh smoothly and efficiently.

    You Relax

    You deserve to catch a break and relax while someone else handles the cleaning of your residential or vacation rental property.


    Our Services

    Here at The Florida Maids, we work with cleaners who specialize both in residential and vacation rental cleaning services. We’ve been in this industry for years, so we’ve come across a variety of challenges and learned how to overcome them while providing the results our clients want. You can expect your cleaners to perform any job with dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail. So, if you’re ready for a fresh and healthy home or want an Airbnb rental your guest keep coming back to, feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

    Residential Cleaning

    • Automated service updates
    • Fully vetted cleaners
    • Absolute satisfaction guarantee
    • Quick quotes & transparent pricing

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    Vacation Cleaning

    • Automated scheduling & notifications
    • Trained & vetted cleaners
    • Our “Always Show” guarantee
    • Customizable & consistent service

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    Why Choose Us



    100% Quality Guaranteed

    We offer an absolute quality and satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind!


    400 Clients A Year

    Every year, we offer personalized cleaning services to hundreds of returning clients across Florida.


    720 Super Clean Homes

    The cleaners we work with are competent. Count on prompt and efficient service.


    30 Areas Covered

    We have vast coverage, so treat yourself to a tailored cleaning in 30 areas across Florida!

    Schedule a Cleaning Today

    At The Florida Maids, you will find everything you need for a perfectly clean home or vacation rental. We are honest and transparent all the way. Our service is not only cost-effective and free of any sneaky hidden charges but also completely flexible. It will be delivered right on time and straight to your door. An absolute satisfaction guarantee comes with every cleaning service you book. We will go out of our way to live up to your expectations and leave your place sparkling clean!

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    Why Us?


    Professionalism, Always!

    Unwavering professionalism is our top priority and reliability is our responsibility to you. Count on us to be responsive at all times. We offer quality customer service with seamless communication, automated service updates & easy access to the platform.

    Insured and Background Checked

    We have strict selection criteria and a stringent screening process. All our cleaners are insured, fully vetted and background-checked cleaning professionals whom you can fully trust to take excellent care of your home or vacation rental in Orlando or other areas.

    Outstanding Attention to Detail

    Our detail-oriented approach is one of the biggest assets, both in terms of the maid service itself and in terms of customer care. Being a modern cleaning business that we are, we heavily rely on modern technology to deliver quality service promptly, efficiently, and hassle-free!

    Comprehensive Quality Checklist

    We rely on a comprehensive quality checklist when performing your cleaning service, which enables us to deliver consistent results, an integral aspect of our streamlined process. We also rely heavily on your feedback and resolve any complaints within 24-48 hours at most.


    • With a regular and consistent home cleaning and maintenance routine, such as cleaning performed on a weekly basis, your home will remain clean and fresh week in, week out. Any build-up will be effectively eliminated so you will also save time. Routine home maintenance of the average two-bedroom home takes approximately 2-3 hours, yet you will get to enjoy a pleasant home environment until the next appointment. Of course, if you wish, you can always get an upgrade of your maintenance cleaning and include add-on services in the package.

    • Unlike maintenance cleaning service which is normally performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, deep cleaning tackles build-up and takes care of the less frequently cleaned areas. A thorough deep cleaning service is typically needed two or three times a year for residential properties, whereas Airbnbs and vacation rentals may need to be deep cleaned more frequently. For optimal results, deep cleaning should be followed by a recurring maintenance cleaning service customized for your property in Orlando and other areas. That way, the standard of hygiene can remain consistent and you will have more free time for the things that matter and the people you love.

    • It is entirely up to you. Some people want to have their home all to themselves on the weekends so they prefer to have their home cleaned on a weekday while they are away at work or running errands, and others love to watch their cleaner in action and book their cleaning service on a weekend.

    • Move out cleaning is a detailed and comprehensive cleaning service designed to restore a house or apartment to its original state in time for the arrival of the landlord or new tenants. Much like deep cleaning, move in/move out cleaning service can be time-consuming, depending on the level of build-up to be tackled and the time and effort needed to perform the more demanding tasks included in this specialized cleaning. We normally recommend one cleaner per 300 square feet, so if needed, we can send a team of cleaners to do the job more efficiently and more effectively. And as any other cleaning service we offer, the level of your move out cleaning can be customized to your budget and timeframe.

    • Aside from periodic deep cleaning of your Airbnb property, you need an easily automated cleaning service set-up, and that is where The Florida Maids come in. We can provide you with a fully automated Airbnb cleaning service performed between guest bookings. That means your Airbnb cleaning will be scheduled automatically as soon as a new booking pops up, so whether running an Airbnb is your full-time job or something you do on the side for an additional stream of revenue, we will help you stay on top of your game and keep those stellar reviews coming!

    • Well, how soon is now? At The Florida Maids, we present you with the opportunity to schedule a neatly coordinated recurring cleaning service for your home, vacation rental, or Airbnb at the push of a button. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between the following services:
      – Standard cleaning: a recurring maintenance cleaning
      – Deep cleaning: a thorough approach to cleaning with strong focus on detail
      – Move In/move out cleaning: an in-depth cleaning to make your move go by smoothly
      – Organic cleaning: service based on green practices and toxin-free products
      – Airbnb/vacation rental cleaning: an automated cleaning done between bookings
      We can also offer you personalized recommendations for your cleaning needs so you can make the most of every appointment. Being a paragon of professionalism with reliable and responsive customer support and service available across Orlando and other areas across Florida has been our number one objective since day one. If you’re ready to try a cleaning service that is affordable, dependable, and comes with an absolute satisfaction guarantee and an easy-to-navigate platform, contact us now and have the ultimate customer experience!

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