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    The Florida Maids is a well-established, family-owned provider of maid services in Windermere and across the Orlando region. Our goal is to take cleaning off your hands and make your home spotless, allowing you to focus on more important things in life. We will dispatch a team of qualified and trained maids who will clean your home and remove any dirt or dust, bringing excellent results every time. We also bring fair and competitive pricing, the highest level of customer service, and a simple scheduling procedure. We can put you in touch with professionals who offer:

    • Basic house cleaning for day-to-day home maintenance.
    • Move out/move in cleaning that facilitates the moving process.
    • Deep house cleaning of overlooked or difficult to reach spots.
    • Custom airbnb and vacation rental cleaning services for Orlando residents.
    • Organic, green cleaning that uses eco-friendly and toxic-free supplies.

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    How we surpass house cleaning companies in Windermere

    The Florida Maids places a high priority on customer loyalty and confidence. To meet your expectations and requirements and leave you feeling like you left your home in capable hands, we take precautions to provide excellent results and quality service to our neighbors.



    Quality assurance

    Efficiency, authenticity, and integrity are the cornerstones of the service we provide to our clients. There are no hidden costs or holdups, only consistency and reliability.


    Background checked

    We’ll put you in touch with house cleaners who have been thoroughly vetted and follow a comprehensive and detailed procedure to bring freshness to your home.


    No trouble scheduling

    With Florida Maids, scheduling a house cleaning service is easy. Simply schedule an appointment in less than 60 seconds using our user-friendly online platform.


    Zero hassle & more time

    Our mission is to take the stress out of cleaning and bring lasting freshness into your home. Our skilled maids will clean a typical home in 2-3 hours, while you enjoy your time.


    We prioritize your satisfaction

    Here at The Florida Maids, our goal is to arrange dependable and thorough house cleaning services in Windermere, Florida and beyond. We try hard to ensure your satisfaction every time we handle a cleaning. Your team will pay great attention to thoroughly cleaning every inch of your house. Please let us know if you are not happy with any part of the service. To ensure that you are happy with the results, we will send a trained maid to resolve the problem, at no extra charge.

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    Ready for a spotless home? When you book your cleaning through our easy-to-use online portal, we will schedule an appointment with your dedicated cleaner. If needed, you can make changes to your booking using our online scheduling system, and you’ll get automatic updates about your cleaning service. Get a custom estimate by filling out the form below!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • There are various reasons why contacting experts in house or move in/move out cleaning services in Windermere is a great choice for any homeowner. Here are some of the ways you may benefit from delegating your housework to the professionals:
      – A professionally cleaned house that is free of dust, dirt, and germs.
      – Maid service that saves you time and allows you to concentrate on the finer things in life.
      – Seasoned house cleaners who use effective and safe cleaning products and techniques.
      – Less daily stress and more energy for the things that really matter.
      By reaching out to The Florida Maid, you’ll get all of these advantages and more. The professionals we work with have all been thoroughly checked and are highly trained to provide you with an array of house cleaning services, including apartment, deep cleaning, and move in/move out cleaning, so you can trust them to meet your needs.

    • A regular house cleaning service is suitable for homes that require just standard maintenance and touch-ups. Typical activities such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping are included in this form of cleaning. They help keep a consistent level of hygiene in your Windermere home.
      Nevertheless, there are some chores you shouldn’t expect your maid to do. This includes moving around heavy furniture or cleaning exceptionally high areas (over ten feet).

    • How often you should schedule a house cleaning service in Windermere is largely determined by your personal requirements. If you simply have no time for this type of task, a weekly cleaning is definitely a way to go. Cleaning services two times a week or once a month would usually suffice if you have time to tackle the day-to-day cleaning tasks in your home.

    • If you need your team to tackle the cleaning challenges in your home more thoroughly, you should consider booking a deep house cleaning service in Windermere. This service means dealing with areas which are difficult to access or which are often overlooked, such as the space behind the furniture. The deep clean normally takes a bit longer, typically around 2 more than a standard cleaning.
      We recommend our clients to schedule this type of service prior to their maintenance standard maid service because it will facilitate for the cleaners to keep cleanliness in your home at a consistent level.

    • Moving can be exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, you may count on Windermere’s experienced specialists to tackle move out/move in cleaning to eliminate dirt and dust from your old home or new residence. This cleaning service is created to efficiently tackle the cleaning challenges while helping you have a stress-free move. With Florida Maids, you can get a comprehensive move out/move in cleaning in Windermere tailored to your specific requirements. Reach out to us & forget about a stressful move!

    • Whether you’d like to switch to safe and effective green cleaning or you want professional cleaners to prepare your new home while you relax in Johnson Park, The Florida Maid is here for you. We will arrange a reliable and effective cleaning service, superb customer care, virtual booking, cash-free payment, and guaranteed satisfaction as the leading provider of house cleaning assistance in Orlando. Since we’re covering the entire area, we can also arrange:
      Dependable house cleaning assistance in Saint-Cloud
      Thorough and trusted maid service in Sanford
      Exceptional regular & deep cleaning in Sorrento, and more
      Call the Florida Maids straight away and let the pros handle the cleaning!

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