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    We offer a comprehensive house cleaning service

    The Florida Maids arranges premium house cleaning services to all the residents of Sorrento, as well as its surrounding areas. We match you with the most dedicated and dependable professional maids who will make your home sparkle like never before. We offer fully transparent rates for all house cleaning services, and we hide no additional charges from you. What’s more, our automated billing & booking system saves even more time and allows you to schedule a maid service in Sorrento in a matter of minutes. Your expert house cleaners do:

    • Standard house cleaning: For a fresh and healthy home.
    • Move in/move out cleaning: For making the moving day easier.
    • Deep cleaning: For a completely thorough clean.
    • Organic cleaning: For keeping our planet safe..

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    These are the reasons for choosing The Florida Maids

    The Florida Maids is here to match you with the most dependable house cleaning professionals in all of Sorrento and the surrounding areas. We arrange a completely safe, efficient, and reliable maid service for all our clients. Your house cleaners will give it their all to make sure your home shines like never before! We also have an automated online platform for booking and billing that will help you waste no time in securing an exceptional house cleaning service.



    Utmost Satisfaction Guarantee

    We only arrange premium house cleaning services for the residents of Sorrento in order to ensure impeccable cleaning and maximum satisfaction.


    Superior Track Record

    We’re proud of our impressive track record that has provided us the knowledge and the experience to continue bringing superior maid service across Sorrento.


    Carefully Vetted Cleaners

    The Florida Maids has created an easy online booking system that will help connect you to experienced cleaners in 60 seconds.


    Streamlined Scheduling Procedure

    Our online platform provides access to a quick and efficient automated booking & billing system that makes the process of arranging house cleaning easy and streamlined.


    We want you to be happy with our services

    The Florida Maids strives to arrange only the highest-quality house cleaning services for the residents of Sorrento and all the surrounding areas. That is why we only match you with the most experienced and dedicated house cleaners that are able to provide you the service you deserve. However, in case they ever miss a spot, you are free to get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will dispatch a house cleaner who will take care of the problematic area 100% free of charge. We want you to be as happy as possible when your cleaners are done!

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    At The Florida Maids, we truly value our customers’ free time. That is why we’ve designed a contemporary online platform that provides easy and efficient online scheduling and billing. Our platform connects you to qualified and trustworthy house cleaners in Sorrento as quickly as you can type. Also, our automated reminders will ensure you don’t forget about your appointment. Receive a quote below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Standard house cleaning services you can book in Sorrento and the surrounding areas in Florida consist of the most common cleaning task that will help you maintain a clean and healthy household. This type of cleaning is suited for those who book premium cleaning services on a regular basis, and it includes:
      – Emptying the trash
      – Making beds
      – Cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces
      – Mopping floors
      – Vacuuming upholstery and carpets
      – Dusting

    • A maid service is a type of house cleaning and tidying service that can assist homeowners in Sorrento, FL and the nearby areas maintaining a clean, neat, healthy household without wasting their precious free time on various house cleaning chores. A professional maid service company such as The Florida Maids helps connect experienced maids to residents of Sorrento and the area. Wil will arrange impeccable maid service that will suit your needs and help your home remain as clean as possible.

    • Deep house cleaning of your household in Sorrento or the nearby area can be a very demanding task as it involves a more in-depth cleaning of your home. That is why it is always the best option to leave it to the pros and book top-quality deep cleaning service. The duration of the deep cleaning service rendered by professional house cleaners depends on several important factors:
      – The build-up level the cleaners need to take care of
      – The size of your home
      – The addition of extra cleaning services
      Standard professional house cleaning generally takes between two and three hours for a two-bedroom home of an average size. You can expect a deep house cleaning service to last two hours longer than basic cleaning.

    • The main and most important difference between regular house cleaning and move in/move out house cleaning services is the level of cleaning you receive. Standard house cleaning service is designed to keep your home in Sorrento clean and fresh on a regular basis by taking care of the most common cleaning tasks. Move out cleaning service is designed to specifically take care of the most demanding cleaning procedures to ensure you’re leaving a completely spotless home before your move. If you’re relocating, and you need pros to handle your move out or move in cleaning, contact The Florida Maids. We’re here to help you out!

    • Deciding to book experienced house cleaners in Sorrento and the surrounding area will help you get more free time to unwind after a long day and enjoy all the activities you otherwise couldn’t find time for if you had to clean your household on a regular basis. That is why you should hire The Florida Maids – the finest professional house cleaning company in all of Orlando! We are here to help you reclaim your time! We arrange reliable house cleaning services for all the residents of Sorrento and the nearby area. To us, it doesn’t matter if you live near Rock Springs Kelly Park, or closer to the East Lake Sports and Community Complex. We bring house cleaning services straight to your doorstep. What’s more, besides organizing exceptional house cleaning services across Sorrento & the region, we also arrange premium house cleaning services in Sanford, first-rate house cleaning in Saint Cloud, and high-quality residential cleaning services in Oviedo. Wherever in the wider Ontario area you are, we are here to help bring superior cleaning services to you. Reach out to us today!

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