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    At The Florida Maids, we’ve developed a range of helpful cleaning services that we render at your convenience and affordable Orlando house cleaning rates. Our team operates in Sanford and the surrounding areas, delivering excellent customer care and customized cleaning solutions. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results of our work, no matter which cleaning service you select:

    • Basic cleaning, to the essential maintenance of your home
    • Organic cleaning, to save the planet and keep your home toxin-free
    • Airbnb or vacation cleaning property services.
    • Deep cleaning, to get your home cleaned through and through
    • Move in/move out cleaning, to assist you with your move

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    The advantages of hiring #1 cleaning company in Sanford

    At The Florida Maids, we place the trust and the satisfaction of our customers as the highest priority. We take the necessary steps to ensure that the house cleaning service we arrange across Clermont meets your needs and standards.



    Schedule your service easily

    We use a sleek booking platform that lets you reach out to us in a heartbeat.


    Work with competent maids

    We’re particular about who joins our team. Every cleaner is trained & vetted.


    Receive much-needed help

    Take advantage of our convenient, energy-saving cleaning services.


    Pay a fair & reasonable price

    When we send you your estimate, this is exactly the price you pay in the end.


    Your happiness is our main concern

    Here at The Florida Maids, we take every aspect of our house cleaning services in Sanford and the vicinity to the next level. This includes our satisfaction guarantees, which promise you’ll be thrilled with the results every single time. First, we guarantee that a cleaner will always show up as agreed. We would hate to stand you up! Also, with our 24-hour Peace of Mind guarantee, you will be able to get a free re-clean if our cleaning doesn’t make you happy the first time around.

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    If you’d like to receive your free quote now, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and tell us a bit about yourself and your cleaning needs. We’ve made sure that you can book a reliable house cleaning service in Sanford or elsewhere in the area in a matter of minutes. From our simple booking process to our convenient services, you’ll save time and minimize the hassle with The Florida Maids.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Typically, most homeowners will benefit from one of the following house cleaning services:
      – Standard or basic cleaning, which includes the tasks that make a home clean day in, day out. This type of cleaning is essential to ongoing home maintenance. It needs to be performed regularly to keep a house clutter and germ-free.
      – Deep cleaning, also known as spring or fall cleaning. It is very detailed and commonly performed yearly or a couple of times a year. However, it can also be done whenever a situation calls for it, such as before a house showing or before or after a big party.
      – Move in and move out cleaning, which is done when someone needs to leave their previous home in a good condition and prepare their new house for the relocation.
      The Florida Maids offers each of these cleaning services, with the addition of a green cleaning option. Our reliable offer makes us a well-known cleaning company in Sanford and the neighboring communities.

    • Although the exact duration of every cleaning service depends on different factors, trained experts have some tricks up their sleeve to make it happen faster. For example, deep cleaning will take less time if you:
      – Clean in one direction, such as left from right
      – Clean top to bottom, to prevent the spread of dirt from higher surfaces
      – Do one task at a time instead of going room by room
      If you contact The Florida Maids, you’ll see true expert maids in action. They’ve all been selected in a 5-step vetting process so you can bet that they can do the job right. Reach out to us if your home is located in Sanford or the vicinity and enjoy top-level cleanliness.

    • The efficiency of house cleaning comes down to many factors, one of which is where you begin the process. Overall, these are proven to be as some of the best tasks to start off a cleaning session:
      – Declutter, leaving your surfaces free to work on
      – Dust higher surfaces, so that you can later vacuum or mop the fallen dust
      – Go over the dirtiest areas in the beginning
      If you’d prefer a competent professional to do housework for you, The Florida Maids knows how to achieve prompt and effective house cleaning in Sanford and the nearby areas. Enjoy yourself at Lake Monroe or Lake Jesup while we take care of the work.

    • In general, move out cleaning is a step everyone goes through when they are relocating. In case you were living in a rented property, your landlord will expect nothing short of pristine cleanliness when they conduct an inspection of the place. You’ll have to meet their demands in order to get your full deposit back. If you were the owner of the house and you’re handing it over to the buyers, a certain level of cleanliness is also expected. As a rule of thumb, you should leave the home in a condition that you’d be comfortable moving into. If you need dependable and thorough move out cleaning as well as move in cleaning for your future home in Sanford and beyond, you will benefit from hiring The Florida Maids. We are a leading cleaning company in the area, boasting a tried-and-true method, extensive expertise, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

    • If you’re looking for quality cleaning services across the Orlando region, The Florida Maids should be right up your alley. We’re happy to cater to our clients in Sanford as well as be there for the residents or the surrounding areas. For example, we’ll carry out trustworthy regular cleaning in Saint Cloud, render detailed deep cleaning in Oviedo, and perform excellent move in and move out cleaning services in Ocoee. Browse our extensive cleaning checklists and customize them to suit your requirements. Keep your home tidy, healthy, and pleasant at all times. Contact us now!

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