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    Are you having trouble juggling housework and other responsibilities? The Florida Maids’ approach has been meticulously crafted to free up your time and give you a healthy, sparkling home. With our help, you can easily get in touch with competent maids in Ocoee and the surrounding area. Browse the list of services we offer at reasonable prices:

    • Standard cleaning, for routine cleaning services
    • Deep cleaning, for in-depth cleaning of every part of the home
    • Organic cleaning, when you wish your cleaners to use eco-friendly products
    • Move in and move out cleaning, when you’re relocating to a new residence
    • Vacation rental or Airbnb cleaning services for Orlando residents.

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    The advantages of booking our house cleaning services in Ocoee

    Working with The Florida Maids is a breeze because we’ve created a service that’s streamlined from the get-go. You can book your customized cleaning online, in a matter of seconds. We’re available year-round for all of your house cleaning needs. Meet your trustworthy cleaning specialists and enjoy the results of their expertise.



    5-step vetting process

    We only work with the most reliable and best-trained maids in Ocoee and the area.


    1-minute booking

    Our automated booking platform is absolutely simple and hassle-free.


    400 clients a year

    We go to great lengths to deliver premium cleaning to our large client base.


    30 areas serviced

    We provide expert cleaning across 30 communities in Greater Orlando.


    We guarantee maximum results

    We conduct our business with unwavering honesty and integrity, which is the reason why we constantly strive to deliver top quality cleaning in Ocoee and beyond. We make sure our clients are happy by providing a Always a Show guarantee, as well as a 24-hour Peace of Mind guarantee. Never doubt that your maids will arrive as scheduled. Also, contact us if any areas of your home were skipped during the clean. We’ll be happy to re-send a cleaner to resolve the issue.

    Reach out to us effortlessly

    Getting in touch with the most reliable cleaning service in Ocoee and the area is simple as can be, thanks to our automated system. What you need to do is quickly fill out our simple quote form and you’ll receive yours instantly. Tell us some information about your cleaning needs so we can dispatch your qualified cleaners as soon as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Basic house cleaning typically consists of those indispensable cleaning tasks that ensure ongoing home cleanliness. It covers the basics, such as:
      – Dusting
      – Vacuuming carpeting and upholstery
      – Mopping floors
      – Cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces
      – Making the beds
      – Emptying the trash
      The Florida Maids is a cleaning company committed to making your life easier by proficiently performing these and many more house cleaning tasks in Ocoee & the surrounding area. If you opt for our Standard cleaning package, you get dependable essential cleaning, which you can further customize to fit your needs.

    • Cleanliness is the key to good health but most homeowners have little time to focus on house cleaning. You can speed up the process by following some of the guidelines that expert maids often use, like:
      – Clean top-to-bottom, to prevent dust falling on the areas you’ve already cleaned
      – Clean left-to-right because you’ll stop transfer of dirt by always going in one direction
      – Clean task by task, not room by room because it’s easier to stay on track this way
      If cleaning’s taking up too much of your time, you can delegate it to The Florida Maids all across the Ocoee region. Contact us in under a minute and tell us what type of cleaning you need.

    • While standard cleaning is an everyday necessity, deep cleaning is a whole new ballgame. The point of this type of house cleaning is to get you rid of every trace of grime, even in inaccessible areas of the house. In order to get expert-level cleanliness in every part of the home, pay attention to:
      – Baseboards and trim work
      – Door and window frames
      – Areas behind and under furniture
      – Tile grout
      – Light fixtures
      – Air vents, and more
      Here at The Florida Maids, we perform deep cleaning services in Ocoee and the surrounding communities carefully and diligently. Feel free to make a request if you have one and we’ll do our best to meet your demands.

    • If you’d rather enjoy nature by Lake Apopka or have a picnic in Montgomery Park than clean your old home before moving out, we completely understand. This is why our team at The Florida Maids has designed an all-encompassing move out cleaning checklist. In includes:
      – Wiping countertops
      – Cleaning the fridge and stove
      – Emptying the trash
      – Sweeping and mopping floors
      – Vacuuming carpets and rugs
      – Cleaning mirrors
      – Cleaning toilets
      – Cleaning bathtubs and showers
      – Wiping down sinks and surrounding areas, etc.
      The Florida Maids also offers dependable move in cleaning, to get your new house fresh and sanitary. Ensure that your move goes smoothly by requesting your quote today as well as by reading up on other tips for a successful move, too.

    • The Florida Maids is an industry leader which provides excellent house services you can rely on across Orlando. We take great pride in our team of dependable cleaning specialists, efficient cleaning techniques and a proven track record. If a client needs a comprehensive move in cleaning in Mount Dora, top-rated deep cleaning services in Montverde, or green and cruelty-free cleaning in Maitland, we’re right on it. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance!

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