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    This is the house cleaning service we offer

    The Florida Maids strives to bring exceptional house cleaning services to residents of Mount Dora and the area. We match you only with the dependable and trustworthy Orlando maids who will spruce up your home like you never thought possible. We provide completely transparent house cleaning rates without any hidden costs, an automated booking and billing system, and impeccable customer care. Your house cleaners can perform:

    • Basic house cleaning to keep your home clean and fresh.
    • Move in/out cleaning to alleviate the stress of moving.
    • Deep cleaning to give your home a thorough scrub down.
    • Organic cleaning to keep our planet safe while cleaning.

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    These are the reasons for choosing The Florida Maids

    At The Florida Maids, we match all our clients only with the most reliable professional house cleaners in Mount Dora and the area. We strive to bring our customers an efficient, safe, and thorough house cleaning service that will ensure your home or vacation rental sparkles. We have also designed a fully automated billing & booking system that helps clients spend as little time as possible hiring house cleaners.



    Utmost Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Florida Maids brings only the highest-quality house cleaning service to residents of Mount Dora to ensure maximum client satisfaction with the services rendered.


    Superior Track Record

    Our successful track record gives us the experience, the knowledge, and the enthusiasm to keep arranging exceptional maid service across Mount Dora and the surrounding area.


    Carefully Vetted Cleaners

    We provide peace of mind to all our clients by connecting them to the most trustworthy house cleaners who undergo a 5-step stringent screening process.


    Streamlined Scheduling Procedure

    We offer an easy-to-use automated scheduling and billing method that saves time when hiring maids and makes the entire process extremely efficient.


    We want you to be happy with our services

    The Florida Maids is here to bring the highest-quality maid service to your doorstep in Mount Dora & the surrounding areas. We want to make sure all our clients are completely satisfied with the house cleaning service they receive. That is why we only partner you with the most qualified and trustworthy house cleaners who will get your home clean and fresh quickly and efficiently. However, if there’s a spot in your home you’re not happy with, we will quickly send out a house cleaner to touch up the area completely free of charge.

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    We value the precious free time of all our customers, which is why we’ve taken the time to design an automated online scheduling and billing platform that saves time when connecting you to dedicated and experienced house cleaners. Plus, we will send out automated reminders so you don’t forget your appointment. Get a quick quote below.

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    • It is definitely worth the investment to allow qualified and experienced maids to give your Mount Dora home a clean new look. What’s more, hiring a professional maid service will give you more free time to do the things you enjoy and save you from the stress of regular cleaning efforts. That is why it is always worth it to book either standard or deep cleaning services. The Florida Maids is here to match you with the most reputable maids in the business who will do all they can to free you from the stress of cleaning and give you the service you deserve.

    • Keeping your house clean on a regular basis can be a demanding and stressful task. From time to time, why not treat yourself to professional house cleaning in Mount Dora. You can always rely on The Florida Maids to connect you with dedicated and trustworthy house cleaners who will make your home shine. However, in case you’re only looking for a way to organize your house cleaning efforts, here’s a weekly schedule that can help:
      – Monday: Let’s call it Mop It Monday, because you should focus on mopping the following areas:
      — Stairs
      — Foyer
      — Family room
      — Bedrooms
      — Mud room
      — Bathrooms
      — Under the kitchen table
      – Tuesday: Toilet Tuesday is a day for more demanding chores, such as:
      — Scrubbing toilets
      — Cleaning showers and bathtubs
      — Disinfecting counters and sinks
      — Changing towels
      — Spraying shower curtains
      – Wednesday: The Wednesdays Wipe is the time for wiping down the following surfaces:
      — Tabletops
      — Appliances
      — Countertops
      — Electronics
      — Door Knobs
      — Ceiling fan
      — Windowsills
      — Furniture
      — Light fixtures
      – Thursday: Throw It Thursday is perfect for getting rid of unnecessary junk, such as:
      — Magazines
      — Catalogs
      — Newspapers
      — Food
      — Clothes
      – Friday: Fold It Friday is the time for laundry tasks:
      — Soaking clothes with stains
      — Stripping bedding
      — Washing towels
      — Folding laundry
      — Ironing laundry
      — Separating suits and dresses
      – Saturday: Slow Saturday is a day for getting your family involved with quick and easy household chores
      – Sunday: Self Saturday is a day for you to wind down and relax

    • Deep cleaning should always be the initial house cleaning service you book. From there on, you can book deep cleaning services twice a year, provided professional house cleaners come to your home on a regular basis. If you’d like to ensure you receive the best deep house cleaning service in Mount Dora and the surrounding area, you should contact The Florida Maids. We will team you up with the most dedicated house cleaners who will make your home shine.

    • Giving a correct estimate of how long a move in/move out cleaning service could take is not possible without being familiar with some important aspects, such as the size of your Mount Dora home and its current state. Also, the speed of the move in/move out cleaning service depends on the experience and the expertise of the professional house cleaners you’ve hired. In order to secure the quickest and most comprehensive move in/out cleaning, you need to hire a dependable cleaning company such as The Florida Maids. We are here to connect you with the best cleaners around. Contact us today!

    • Outsourcing your house cleaning chores do dependable and experienced professional house cleaners in Mount Dora will help you reclaim your free time and grant you more energy to enjoy the activities you love. That is why you should think about hiring the leading house cleaning company in the entire Orlando area – The Florida Maids. We bring high-quality house cleaning services to residents of Mount Dora and alla the nearby areas. It makes no difference to us if you live near the Mount Dora Museum of Speed or closer to Gilbert Park. We will dispatch a trustworthy cleaning crew to get your home spotless. But, there is still more we have to offer. Not only do we bring premium house cleaning services to Mount Dora, we also arrange efficient house cleaning services in Montverde, comprehensive house cleaning in Maitland, as well as top-quality house cleaning service in Longwood. We are here to help you out no matter where in the wider Orlando area you live. Contact us today!

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