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    The Florida maids boasts a comprehensive house cleaning checklist, customizable services and reasonable prices. On top of this, our maid services are hand-picked using a 5-step selection process while our automated booking system performs quickly and reliably. See it for yourself by booking one of our house cleaning services in Maitland and the nearby communities:

    • Basic cleaning, including the cleaning tasks no home can go without for long
    • Move in and move out cleaning, to help you make an easy transition to a new home
    • Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning management services.
    • Deep cleaning, which takes an extra thorough approach
    • Eco cleaning, done with environmentally-friendly cleaning products

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    Why should you book our house cleaning in Maitland?

    We consider our clients’ satisfaction to be our main priority, which is why we’ve developed a smooth and effortless house cleaning service which caters to the residents of Maitland and the surrounding area. We’ve ensured that you get a pleasant customer experience from the get-go.



    Qualified cleaners

    You will work with maids who’ve gone through an extensive 5-round vetting process.


    Practical and simple

    Let us take the weight of chores off your shoulders and enjoy more free time than ever.


    Quick scheduling

    Book your cleaning service with a few clicks. The booking is automated and super easy.


    Fair pricing

    Great cleaning doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Our fees are honest and affordable.


    Satisfaction guarantees we offer

    We’re grateful for the loyalty of our customers so we’ve taken extra steps to ensure you’re happy with your house cleaning. We promise that a crew will turn up every time you schedule a service. If there’s anything that your cleaners missed while cleaning, let us know in the following 24 hours. We’ll dispatch cleaners again to sort it out without charging you an extra fee.

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    Book your regular, deep, move in or move out cleaning service in Maitland and beyond without hassle or stress. By filling out an uncomplicated form, you’ll be able to receive your quote effortlessly. After you get the estimate, book an appointment that fits your schedule. Contact our friendly customer service if you have any additional questions or requests. We’re open 365 days a year!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Professional house cleaning services come with many perks, which greatly outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you choose a reputable cleaning company, such as The Florida Maids. Some of the benefits you’ll reap if you book expert cleaning are:
      – You’ll get more time to dedicate to work, hobbies and your loved ones.
      – You’ll save energy because you won’t perform exhausting chores.
      – The cleaners will use better quality products, including green options to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products.
      – The cleaners will employ professional methods.
      – You will know that your family’s health is protected.
      – Your home will always be fit to welcome guests.

    • The question of how often you should get specialist house cleaning is a difficult one because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your individual needs, such as:
      – Whether you also clean on your own
      – Whether there are children or pets in the house
      The most common schedule that clients opt for is bi-weekly for regular cleans and bi-yearly for deep cleaning. However, as there is no such thing as too much cleaning, cleaning frequency may be much higher. This is up to you to decide.

    • If you’re wondering about house deep cleaning rates in Maitland and the nearby neighborhoods, you should know that they vary according to:
      – The size of your home
      – The number of the rooms
      If you have a large family home with several bedrooms, the deep cleaning will cost a bit more than if you live in a 1-bedroom apartment. To get your quote now, contact The Florida Maids. With us, the quote you get is what we’ll charge you, so there are no hidden fees to fret.

    • If you’re moving into a new home in Maitland, a community proud of the Maitland Telephone Museum and William H. Waterhouse House, you must be looking forward to starting over with a clean slate. However, before you settle in, you will need to get your new residence properly cleaned by doing all essential cleaning, plus:
      – Cleaning exhaust fans and air vents
      – Cleaning the grout
      – Cleaning the inside of oven and refrigerator
      – Cleaning windows on the inside and on the outside etc.
      The Florida Maids will do move in, as well as move out cleaning following our extensive cleaning checklist, which will prepare your new house for your arrival.

    • The Florida Maids provides a variety of reliable cleaning services in Orlando & the area, including meticulous deep cleaning in Longwood as well as skillful move in/out cleaning in Kissimmee. We have the best cleaning rates in Lake Mary, too. Wherever you are across Orlando, we’ll have your back. If you’re ready to make your life-changing cleaning appointment, simply fill out the quick form we’ve made available and request your quote. Soon, you’ll learn the value of time-saving and cost-efficient cleaning services. Thanks to our skill and dedication, we never miss a beat!

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