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    Are you looking for efficient house cleaning services in line with the latest trends in the industry? The Florida Maids provides a variety of cleaning services in Longwood and the nearby communities. The proven cleaning methods we use coupled with reliable cleaning supplies simplify your cleaning process and deliver top-level cleanliness. We offer the following expert services:

    • Standard cleaning, which consists of essential cleaning tasks for everyday upkeep
    • Green cleaning, which makes use of natural and cruelty-free products
    • Deep cleaning, which encompasses in-depth cleaning duties
    • Top of the line vacation or airbnb rental cleaning services.
    • Move in and move out cleaning, which will improve your moving experience

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    Why should you pick our cleaning company in Longwood?

    Make your life easier and clear your schedule with the assistance of cleverly designed cleaning services provided by The Florida Maids. Work with rigorously selected maids and enjoy streamlined cleaning in Longwood and beyond. Our cleaning company serves more than 400 customers a year because of the qualities that set us apart:



    Straight forward & easy

    Free up your schedule while also keeping your residence 100% clean and tidy.


    Expertly trained maids

    The pros who’ll perform your cleaning have passed a stringent vetting process.


    Transparency & affordability

    The quote you get is the price you pay. We’re upfront about our pricing from the start.


    We’re a click away

    Simply fill out our Instant quote form and let us know what type of cleaning you need.


    Guaranteed quality

    Because we want to keep our customers satisfied, we’ve made sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Once your house cleaning is scheduled, you can rest assured that a cleaner will turn up at your Longwood residence. After the cleaning, you should feel free to let us know if the cleaners skipped a spot. We’ll dispatch a cleaner to go over it again, free of charge.

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    Hiring us takes almost no time at all. Use our fully automated booking and notification system developed for your convenience. Fill out the form to receive a quote and discover our reasonable house cleaning rates. Once you’ve selected your service and cleaner, you will get automated updates as your appointment approaches. It’s easy and stress-free!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The duration of professional house cleaning varies, depending on certain factors:
      – The kind of service you choose
      – The size of your home
      – The number of rooms
      – The condition of your house
      The bigger your property, the longer it will take your expert maids to take care of it. Deep cleaning and move in and move out cleaning services take more time than standard cleaning because of their scope. Also, the cleaning will go on for longer if the home isn’t regularly maintained by seasoned professionals. Generally, The Florida Maids will clean an average 2-bedroom house in about 2-3 hours. You’ll both save time and get expert-level hygiene.

    • Specialist cleaners have the know-how and experience to perform substantial, deep cleaning services which can transform your property. Seasoned professional cleaners who The Florida Maids will match you with use powerful and harmless cleaning agents to reach commonly overlooked areas, like:
      – Behind and under furniture
      – Baseboards
      – Light fixtures
      – Inside the fridge and oven
      Let us know if you’d like to add any extras to your service and we’ll try our best to cater to your needs.

    • If it’s time for you to do a thorough, comprehensive cleaning, which will get every corner of your Longwood home sparkling clean, good organization is key. Deep cleaning is often tiring and time-consuming because of the variety of tasks it entails, so spread them over the span of a few days. Here is a way to do it:
      – Monday: Start from the top by cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans.
      – Tuesday: Clean the windows and blinds.
      – Wednesday: Wipe the inside of the fridge and oven.
      – Thursday: Deep clean tile grout in the bathroom and the kitchen.
      – Friday: Clean under and behind larger pieces of furniture.
      – Saturday: Clean the baseboards and mop the floors.
      – Sunday: Congratulate yourself and take a well-deserved break by doing something you love.
      Alternatively, you can have your home cleaned in-depth in a single day by hiring The Florida Maids for dependable deep cleaning services in Longwood and beyond. Apart from saving you time, our cleaning will be done swiftly and efficiently

    • Move out cleaning is supposed to prepare your old home for new tenants after you relocate. It is more comprehensive than regular house cleaning because it needs to eliminate every trace of dirt and provide new inhabitants with a clean slate. Move out cleaning encompasses tasks similar to deep cleaning, such as cleaning light fixtures, windows, doors, baseboards and other inaccessible or hidden areas. With The Florida Maids’ move out cleaning services, you’ll get a chance to focus on your move. You’ll even have time to take a break and enjoy Longwood’s famous sights, like Bradlee-McIntyre House and the Longwood Historic District without worrying.

    • Thanks to our customized approach, The Florida Maids will provide you with a smooth customer experience from start to finish. Take advantage of our reliable cleaning services across Orlando, FL and get more time to relax or bond with your loved ones. We can also perform convenient move in/out cleaning in Lake Mary to alleviate the stress caused by moving. In addition, we achieve superb deep cleaning results in Kissimmee and deliver healthy eco cleaning in Gotha. Contact us to tell us about your requirements and preferences. We’ll go the extra mile to make you happy!

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