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    When dirt is threatening to take over your home, get in touch with The Florida Maids. We have made a wide range of expert cleaning services available to the residents of Lake Mary and the neighboring areas. We fine-tune our services to accommodate your individual needs and requirements. The Orlando maids we’ll match you up with pass a strict vetting process. On top of this, they use only the most efficient cleaning methods and products. You can put The Florida Maids in charge of:

    • Regular cleaning: Keep your home neat and tidy on a regular basis.
    • Deep cleaning: In-depth cleaning services to get rid of deep-seated grime.
    • Eco cleaning: Go natural and protect both the planet and the health of your family.
    • Move in/out cleaning: Your move will go smoothly with these comprehensive cleaning services.

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    Why choose our house cleaning service in Lake Mary, FL?

    There are several reasons why we’re one of the best loved house cleaning services in Lake Mary and beyond. Our cleaning company conducts a variety of cleaning services for homes or vacation rental properties, adjusting them to suit our clients’ specific needs. In addition, we are proud of out:



    Effortless scheduling

    Thanks to our automated booking, you’ll get in touch with the experts in less than one minute.


    Vetted & qualified cleaners

    The maids we’ll send out to your house are background-checked and pass extensive 5-step testing.


    Competitive prices

    Our rates are reasonable, as well as honest from the get-go. You won’t pay any hidden fees.


    Handy & worry-free services

    We offer a convenient way to get excellent hygiene without ever having to lift a finger.


    Satisfaction guarantee

    The Florida Maids has a long track record of happy clients in Lake Mary & surrounding communities. We put in great efforts to keep our customers content, one of which is our satisfaction guarantee. When you book your cleaning service, never fret that a cleaner will be a no-show. We’ve also set up a system which enables you to ask for a re-clean in the next 24 hours in the unlikely event that the cleaning doesn’t meet your expectations.

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    We’ve made sure that everything about our services runs smoothly and hassle-free, starting with the booking. Simply complete the form below and tell us some key information. You’ll be able to schedule a dependable cleaning service in under one minute. Wherever you are in Lake Mary or nearby, use this opportunity to get high quality cleanliness.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Everyone knows that detailed house cleaning can be time-consuming, but exactly how long should a proper clean take? This depends on a few factors, like:
      – The experience and the skill of the cleaner
      – The number of cleaners
      – The size of the home
      – The number of rooms
      – How dirty the house is
      Generally, one expert cleaner can clean a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom home in an hour and a half if the space has been regularly maintained. However, the specific duration of cleaning for your home in Lake Mary can only be determined after all the specifics are taken into account. Reach out to The Florida Maids for more information.

    • While smaller homes may be fully cleaned in only 2 hours, bigger houses or neglected homes may only get slightly tidier in this amount of time. To give your residence a quick pick-me-up, such as when guests are arriving on short notice, you will have to prioritize. Straighten up your home quickly in a few steps:
      – Put away the clutter
      – Throw away trash
      – Load the dishwasher and washing machine
      – Duo the dusting
      – Vacuum the floors
      – Mop the floors
      However, don’t forget to arrange for a more extensive clean occasionally. You should have the air ducts in your home cleaned from time to time, as well as other hidden and less accessible areas. For a heavy-duty deep cleaning in Lake Mary and the vicinity, contact The Florida Maids.

    • Deep cleaning is a serious endeavor because you should reach every nook and cranny with your vacuum, mop and duster. This is why these types of comprehensive cleaning are typically only done a few times a year. If you’d like to complete this strenuous task in as little time as possible, your best bet is to hire a team of competent cleaners for your deep cleaning. The Florida Maids is a cleaning company with many completed deep cleaning services across Lake Mary and the area.

    • Moving is always trying and exhausting. On top of living out of boxes for an extended period of time, you also need to take care of move in and move out cleaning. To ensure the health and safety of your family, your move in cleaning should include all basic cleaning tasks, plus a few extra chores, like:
      – Cleaning inside kitchen cabinetry
      – Cleaning windows, doors and their frames
      – Cleaning baseboards
      – Cleaning light fixtures etc.
      Leave the cleaning of your old as well as your new residence to The Florida Maids. Then you can take a break from your move by visiting the Lake Mary Historical Museum or having some outdoor fun on the Cross Seminole Trail.

    • When you’re short on time and need your home cleaned ASAP, turn to #1 house cleaning across the Orlando area. Reach out to us in under 60 seconds and get your quote. You’ll get partnered with a crew of trained cleaners and finally get the spotless home you’ve been dreaming of. We offer a wide variety of popular house cleaning services, from top-rated move in/out cleaning in Kissimmee, FL to dependable deep-cleaning services in Gotha, FL and detailed eco cleaning in Davenport, FL. Whatever your cleaning requirements, we’ll have your back!

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