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    TWhen you have a hectic schedule and little time to clean the house, come to The Florida Maids. We’ve designed our extensive offer of house cleaning services for busy residents of Gotha, FL and the surrounding areas. Our efficient method has been developed based on years of experience in the maid service business. Each clean is customized to fit your specific wishes and requirements. The cleaners we work with are skilled at performing several kinds of cleaning:

    • Standard, which includes routine cleaning duties
    • Deep, which is even more thorough
    • Vacation rental or airbnb cleaning services.
    • Move in/out, to help you with your move
    • Eco, to protect your family from the harmful effects of harsh cleaning products

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    We’re one of the best-rated cleaning services in Gotha, Florida and the region because we are dedicated to providing excellent results every time. The services we provide will make you happy in more ways than one:



    Easy to book

    Hire your cleaners in under a minute thanks to our simple booking platform.


    Skilled & insured

    We test the cleaners we work with to ensure they’re the people for the job.



    We offer our clients competitive rates, without any hidden fees to fret.


    Effortless & stress-free

    You’ll have both free time to do the things you love and a perfectly clean home!


    Satisfaction guarantee

    All of our clients in Gotha and beyond can count on two convenient satisfaction guarantees. With our always-a-show guarantee, you can rest assured that a maid will always arrive as scheduled. Our 24-hour peace of mind guarantee means that we’ll offer a re-clean if you’re not absolutely thrilled with the outcome of our house cleaning services. The only thing you need to do is reach out to us in the 24 hours following your clean.

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    • House cleaning is one the most important healthy home principles. There are different kinds of cleaning, each including a different set of duties. A regular cleaning is a service everyone needs on a weekly basis because it involves the tasks a clean home can’t do without. Some of the tasks that we offer at The Florida Maids as part of our regular cleaning are:
      – Wiping down kitchen countertops and sink
      – Vacuuming and mopping the floors
      – Cleaning bathroom surfaces, including the bathtub/shower and toilet
      – Making your beds and changing the sheets and more

    • Although the words maid and housekeeper are often used interchangeably, there is a key difference between the definitions of the terms. Namely, maids are hired for a one-time or recurring cleaning, whether weekly, monthly or daily. They are usually hired by a house cleaning service, one of which is The Florida Maids. They are carefully vetted and insured before we send them out to your home. On the other hand, housekeepers are often employed directly by the family they work for. Housekeepers help everything in the household run smoothly and they usually live with the family they work for. Apart from cleaning, they also take care of other cuties, such as walking the dog and running other errands.

    • Deep cleaning is a type of cleaning service much more encompassing than regular cleaning. Some people call it a spring clean because it’s done periodically. The Florida Maids offers an extensive list of deep cleaning services for you home in Gotha, FL, such as cleaning:
      – Baseboards
      – Window and door frames
      – Behind and under large pieces of furniture
      – Inside cabinets, fridges, ovens
      – Blinds and shutters
      – Light fixtures, lamp shades etc.

    • Moving in a stressful time so get some help when you most need it. Move in/out cleaning services are designed to get an old home whipped into shape for new tenants as well as prepare your new residence for your family’s arrival. At The Florida Maids, we employ a personalized approach to move in/out cleaning services in order to bring you the best results. Tell us what areas to focus on during your cleaning session and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

    • As with most services, the pricing of cleaning services is specific to your individual home. It depends on several factors, like:
      – The size of the home
      – The number of rooms
      – The type of service you require
      Reach out to The Florida Maids now to find out more about house cleaning rates in Gotha, FL and get your quote. We offer honest pricing that won’t break the bank.

    • If you’re a proud resident of Gotha, Florida, a place which takes pride in Nehrling Gardens and Fischer Lake, The Florida Maids can offer you customized cleaning services that fit your needs and budget. We also cater to trustworthy deep cleaning across Orlando, FL. We can partner clients with seasoned cleaning pros in Davenport, FL, a team of skilled cleaners in Clermont, FL as well as move in/out cleaning experts in Celebration, FL. Getting pristine cleanliness has never been this easy!

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