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    What Our Company Provides

    Whenever you’re in need of customized home cleaning, The Florida Maids is ready to help you with tried & tested methods. Guided by our client-centered approach, we match you up with carefully selected and insured Casselberry maids. Every maid passes a 5-step selection process to ensure you’re getting your house cleaned by a qualified professional. Our crews always arrive fully-equipped with trusty cleaning products, no matter if they do:

    • Regular cleaning, which includes basic cleaning tasks
    • Deep cleaning, which encompasses more detailed cleaning duties
    • Move in/out cleaning, which helps you keep both your old & new home clean
    • Eco cleaning, using only green cleaning products
    • Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning services.

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    Why Choose Our Maid Service In Casselberry?

    The Florida Maids stands out from the competition because of our great track record, the variety and quality of services we provide and the dedication we showcase each time. Booking a cleaning session will give you many advantages.



    Easy To Use Online Booking

    Our booking platform is fast, straightforward and user-friendly.


    Top quality cleanliness

    Your maids have honed their skills through training and experience.


    Affordable & fair prices

    Hiring us won’t break the bank as the rates are fair and transparent.


    Saves time and energy

    Forget about cleaning & focus on more important things.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Winning and keeping the trust of our clients is extremely important to us. We’re confident about the quality of our house cleaning services so we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. When you schedule a cleaning session, be certain that a cleaner will show up at the doorstep of your Casselberry, Florida home at the designated time. We also give a happiness guarantee, which means that you can get back to us within the next 24 hours if your cleaners weren’t as thorough as you’d like and arrange for a re-clean.

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    If you’re interested in house cleaning rates for your Casselberry residence, you can get a quote right now if you reach out to us. It’s as simple as filling out a short form. Get a step closer to receiving a comprehensive cleaning service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Hiring a maid service comes with many perks, which makes it a great asset. Not only will you be significantly less exhausted but you will also get more free time to spend with your family and friends. What is more, professionals have the expertise and experience to clean fast and efficiently. Also, house cleaning services such as those we provide in Casselberry follow the latest trends in home hygiene and use eco-friendly, efficient products.

    • Regular house cleaning is the standard, most popular cleaning service that clients schedule. This type of cleaning needs to be done at least once a week in order to keep your home healthy hygienic. Some of the tasks commonly included in this routine maid service are as follows:
      – Cleaning the kitchen sink, faucet and countertops
      – Cleaning the toilet, shower and bathtub
      – Mopping and vacuuming your floors
      – Making the beds
      – Other routine cleaning responsibilities
      Contact The Florida Maids for a comprehensive list of cleaning duties that fall under the standard cleaning category available to Casselberry residents.

    • Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleans take place only a few times a year. They include the detailed cleaning you wouldn’t normally perform each day or week. Here are a few tasks that it usually involves:
      – Getting the inside of your cupboards, cabinets, oven etc. sorted
      – Cleaning inaccessible areas, like those behind couches or under the beds
      – Paying attention to baseboards, door and window nooks
      – Cleaning lamp shades and wiping down light fixtures in general
      – Washing blinds and shutters
      At The Florida Maids, we offer a wide array of deep cleaning services in Casselberry and the surrounding areas, using the proven techniques in accordance with the guide on cleaning & disinfecting your home. Reach out to us and take a stroll in Branch Tree Park or Secret Lake Park while your skilled cleaners do what they do best.

    • When you schedule an appointment with The Florida Maids, you don’t need to worry about cleaning supplies for a second. We won’t send out the team of cleaners before we equip them with high quality cleaning tools and products. You can request an organic cleaning session, where the cleaners will only use cruelty-free and green products.

    • When you need seasoned experts who will stop at nothing to deliver the highest level of cleanliness, The Florida Maids will be ready to assist you. Not only do we bring reliable cleaning methods to the residents of Casselberry, FL, but we also offer first-class house cleaning services in Orlando, FL and trustworthy deep cleaning in Apopka. If anyone needs qualified cleaners in Altamonte Springs or great move in/out cleaners in Winter Springs, we are their first stop. Reach out to us and join the winning team!

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