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Boost the appeal of your property with specialized cleaning.

    What to expect from our Airbnb cleaning

    Relying on skilled Orlando vacation rental cleaners in Sorrento that The Florida Maids teams up with to clean your Airbnb or rental property is an amazing way to increase profit and guarantee a fast turnover. We can match you with reliable and driven experts to help you keep your rental clean without wasting valuable time. We offer more than just outstanding customer service and performance. Count on:

    • An online booking platform & payment process
    • A meticulous and strict vetting 
    • Always on time & satisfaction guarantee 
    • Bond & insurance for your peace of mind

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    Why contact us for Airbnb cleaning in Sorrento

    Our primary aim is to connect you with professionals who offer easy, time-efficient, and convenient vacation rental cleaning service so you can focus on enhancing your business and improving your property. Before your next guest checks in, your dependable maid service experts will use a systematic approach to cope with any cleaning challenges in your property.



    Guaranteed satisfaction

    Your Airbnb cleaners will be able to answer any questions or complaints you may have, bringing you excellent results and peace of mind every time.


    Known for reliability

    We are dedicated to making our clients happy with our service. We want to meet your needs and boost the appeal of your Sorrento rental property.


    Fully vetted cleaners

    We are serious about your safety. The vacation rental cleaners we send have gone through a strict screening process that includes five steps.


    Easy & quick booking

    We deliver automated booking and payment in addition to high-quality cleaning services, making working with us completely trouble-free.


    Your happiness and satisfaction matter to us

    At The Florida Maids, your happiness is our highest priority, Which is why we’re working hard to make every aspect of your Sorrento Airbnb cleaning service as smooth as possible. If you’re not completely happy with your cleaning service, please inform us and we’ll dispatch a professional to re-clean the overlooked spots at no cost to you. With our help, you can take the strain out of managing a vacation rental property in Sorrento, and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

    Book an Airbnb rental cleaning with ease now

    We take steps to give you seamless customer service and experience by dispatching experienced and qualified vacation rental cleaners in Sorrento. Furthermore, we’ll give you automatic updates to remind you of your appointment, as well as let you know if we come across any damage to your property. Fill out the form & get a free quote today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Whenever your guests leave and you’re expecting new ones, your Airbnb rental property ought to be clean, safe, and fresh. When preparing your Sorrento property between check-ins, it’s necessary to follow a well-thought-out cleaning checklist. The following is an example of what cleaning your vacation rental should entail:
      -Cleaning the shower/bathtub
      -Cleaning the toilets
      -Cleaning the mirrors
      -Sweeping and mopping the floors
      -Cleaning the fridge and stove
      -Cleaning the upper cabinets
      -Cleaning and sanitizing the sink
      -Washing and arranging the dishes
      -Emptying the garbage bins
      -Dusting all surfaces
      -Vacuuming rugs and carpets
      -Washing towels and sheets
      -Putting new towels in the bathroom
      Please let us know if you need any service add-ons for your rental property, and we will tailor your Airbnb cleaning service in Sorrento to your particular requirements

    • The length of your Airbnb cleaning service will be determined by your precise requirements and also the condition of your Sorrento rental. If you reach out to us, we will pair you with a team of cleaning experts who will guarantee that your vacation or Airbnb rental is fresh and clean in a time-efficient manner, by employing reliable cleaning supplies and tried-and-true cleaning methods.

    • The cost of a vacation rental cleaning service in Sorrento is determined by a number of factors, including the scale and state of your property and whether you opt for any additional tasks. We offer reasonable, completely transparent rates at The Florida Maids that guarantee full transparency and fairness for high-quality service

    • If you’ve chosen to delegate your cleaning to optimize your rental business, feel free to reach out to The Florida Maids. We can put you in contact with trusted experts in vacation rental cleaning across Orlando and help increase your success and revenue, appealing to top visitors.
      As a trusted local service, we can assist you across the region regardless of whether you’re located close to Rock Springs Run State Reserve or Mount Plymouth.With our assistance, you can also schedule:
      Reputable and dependable Airbnb cleaning services in Saint Cloud
      Time-saving Airbnb & vacation rental cleaning assistance in Sanford
      Easy-to-book Airbnb cleaning service in Oviedo, and more
      Contact us today & automate your vacation rental cleaning!

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