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    What you can count on with us

    Pristine cleanliness is a staple of every successful Airbnb or vacation rental. The Florida Maids is a trusted choice among busy property owners who need reliable and time-efficient vacation rental cleaning in Davenport and the area. Your maid FL experts have demonstrated their expertise in 720 homes so far. We bring guaranteed cleanliness to 30 service areas, providing our clients with:

    • A stringent cleaner-selection process, which includes 5 steps
    • A satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind
    • A straightforward and automated booking platform
    • Fair and honest pricing, with zero hidden fees

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    Why we’re the people for the job

    The Florida Maids can help you earn more from your Airbnb or vacation rental by designing a personalized cleaning service to fit your specific needs. Be the host every guest happily comes back to by providing an exceptional level of hygiene in your rental. We cater to clients in Davenport, FL and the nearby neighborhoods, giving them access to the following benefits:



    Increase your rental profit

    Guests will flock to your neat & tidy rental or Airbnb space.


    Focus on more important matters

    Our thorough cleaning will leave you plenty of time for hosting.


    Get professional quality

    The cleaners we send are trained to use expert cleaning methods.


    Receive the best customer care

    We are dedicated to the happiness of our clients in Davenport & beyond.


    Your happiness is guaranteed

    To provide an additional layer of security, we offer you a satisfaction guarantee for vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning service in Davenport. When you hire The Florida Maids, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning crew not showing up – we’ve taken care of that. Also, in the 24 hours after your cleaners have finished, feel free to tell us if there’s anything that could be improved. If the cleaners missed a few spots, we’ll make sure you get a re-clean at no additional charge.

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    Get in touch with The Florida Maids and book your cleaning by filling out the form provided below. It’s so fast you’ll be able to do it in no more than a minute. Get the best vacation rental/Airbnb cleaning service quickly & stress-free!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Airbnb guests visit Davenport and the surrounding areas to marvel at the natural beauty of Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, relax in Colt Creek State Park, go fishing, or enjoy golfing. But one thing that’s definitely not on their itinerary is – cleaning! Airbnb guests can do a couple of small cleaning tasks as a gesture of gratitude to the host. For example, they may be expected to:
      – Empty the fridge
      – Take out the trash
      – Load and run the dishwasher
      – Remove their bed sheets and leave them together in one place
      However, a comprehensive cleaning is always the responsibility of the host after the guests leave. The Florida Maids makes this duty easier on hosts by providing a streamlined Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning service in Davenport.

    • Although cleaning is an essential step to achieving total hygiene, it is not the only one. When you consider the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, you’ll realize that disinfection is equally crucial. The disinfection of household surfaces is especially important in Airbnb and vacation rentals, where all items get handled by many guests. Disinfection is best achieved by using EPA-approved disinfectants which are proven to target the bacteria or viruses you wish to tackle. Follow the instructions for use on the product’s label for maximum effect.

    • Deep cleaning is the most detailed type of cleaning, which includes combines basic cleaning tasks with a few important add-ons:
      – Washing windows and door frames
      – Cleaning shutters and blinds
      – Cleaning baseboards
      – Cleaning light fixtures, lamp shades
      – Cleaning behind and under large pieces of furniture
      – Cleaning inside cabinets, fridges, and ovens
      When you hire us for deep vacation rental cleaning, The Florida Maids leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of absolute cleanliness. This type of cleaning is especially recommended if your rental or Airbnb property requires a more thorough approach, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    • Seeking out the right Airbnb cleaners in Davenport, Florida boils down to assessing your prospective cleaners for a few important criteria:
      – What is their vetting process like?
      – What cleaning products do they use?
      – What does their cleaning include?
      – How do they charge?
      – Do they give out a satisfaction guarantee?
      At The Florida Maids, you receive the full package: vetted & insured cleaning professionals, cleaning products which are both efficient and harmless, as well as a tried & tested method of cleaning. We’ve also made sure that booking and payment take place in a secure manner that is the most convenient for our clients.

    • When you need professionalism, honesty and consistent quality, The Florida Maids are the company to turn to. With hundreds of Airbnb and vacation rental properties cleaned and covering a total of 30 areas, your cleaners bring a high level of service quality and dependability. We’re your source for a wide range of extensive Airbnb cleaning services in Orlando, FL. On top of being a trustworthy Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning service in Clermont, FL, we also deep clean vacation rentals in Celebration, FL, offer expert Airbnb cleaning in Casselberry, FL and a variety of other cleaning services. Contact us and see for yourself!

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