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    Hosting an Airbnb or being the landlord of a vacation rental comes with many responsibilities but cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them. By booking The Florida Maids, you’ll have access to sleek and efficient cleaning services in Clermont and the surrounding neighborhoods. Not only will you wow your guests, but you will also have more time to develop your rental business. If you choose us, you should expect the following benefits:

    • A stringent 5-round selection process
    • Straightforward automated booking & billing system
    • Turnover notification to let you know when the cleaning is done
    • Satisfaction guarantees for your peace of mind
    • We’re open every day of the year

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    Why should you pick our cleaning company in Clermont?

    The Florida Maids has extensive experience in Airbnb and vacation rental cleaning, with more than 400 clients a year and 30 service areas in the vicinity of Clermont. If you schedule your expert cleaning service, you’ll enjoy several perks, including:



    Happy guests

    Meet your Airbnb guests’ standards and watch your rental business boom..


    More free time

    Forget about cleaning and dedicate your time to improving your business.



    Our prices are reasonable and fair, as well as honest from the start.


    Zero stress

    Everything about our services is sleek and convenient, from booking to payment.


    Happiness guarantee

    We appreciate the fact that you rely on us. This is why we’ve honed our services to make you absolutely satisfied with the results. When you book your Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning, you can count on a cleaner showing up 100% of the time. What is more, we encourage you to contact us if the cleaners overlook a spot. We’ll send out a crew to clean the area in question again, at no extra charge.

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    The convenient and time-saving aspects of our services start with our easy booking. Enter your information in the form below to receive a quote in a matter of seconds. Our automated scheduling system enables you to book your Airbnb or vacation rental cleaning across Clermont & the nearby communities reliably and hassle-free from the comfort of your home.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The vacation rental market is saturated with offers, so make yours outshine the competition by meticulous maintenance. Make sure that there is not a hair out of place, including fixing or replacing all broken items, painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint, and providing modern upgrades whenever you can. Cleanliness is also an especially significant part of building your reputation. Expert cleanliness will appeal to your guests in several ways:
      – They’ll feel valued and appreciated
      – They’ll be able to enjoy their vacation
      – They’ll be carefree about their health
      – They’ll love spending time in the rental
      The Florida Maids can take care of your vacation rental or Airbnb cleaning with professionalism and precision. With many successful rental cleans under our belt in Clermont and the neighboring areas, we understand how important proper hygiene is in maintaining and furthering a rental business.

    • The vacation rental cleaning checklist is a list of tasks which you should do in order to keep your rental in proper condition between guests. It typically includes the following:
      – Emptying the trash, disposing of it in a safe and green way
      – Making the beds with clean bedding
      – Stocking the bathroom with freshly washed towels
      – Cleaning the toilets, sinks and bathtub or shower
      – Wiping down countertops
      – Washing and putting away dishes
      – Cleaning the fridge, stove and kitchen sink
      – Vacuuming carpeting and rugs
      – Sweeping and mopping the floors
      – Dusting
      – Cleaning mirrors
      The Florida Maids takes expert care of these necessary duties. Contact us to whip your vacation rental into shape or to make your Airbnb shine. If you’d like to add another type of cleaning service to our extensive checklist, inform us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    • Airbnb cleaning is a serious and strenuous task, which takes a lot of time and effort. The quickest and easiest way to achieve high-level cleanliness in less time is to hire a dependable vacation rental or Airbnb cleaning service. The Florida Maids will keep your property in great shape and get it ready for a check-in. Instead of rushing to clean your rental before the guests arrive, feel free to unwind in one of Clermont’s parks or in Downtown Clermont.

    • The Florida Maids has an enviable track record of skillfully cleaned Airbnbs and vacation rentals across Orlando. Every time you need your rental clean before another set of guests check in, we’ll have you covered with proven expertise, quality cleaning supplies and utmost dedication. The cleaners we work with are trained and equipped to get any vacation rental in Celebration cleaned as well as provide Airbnb cleaning services in Casselberry and make Apopka rental properties neat and tidy. Take advantage of our automated booking system and schedule your appointment today!

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