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    The Florida Maids is a family-owned and operated house cleaning company in Clermont and the nearby areas, offering exhaustive house cleaning solutions. We work with reliable and experienced professional maids in the business who will help you get your home dirt- and grime-free, allowing you to regain your free time and enjoy the things that matter more. We base our approach to cleaning on transparent pricing, easy scheduling, and exceptional customer service. Your cleaners can provide:

    • Standard house cleaning for a clean, fresh, and shiny home.
    • Move in/move out cleaning for a hassle-free moving day.
    • Deep cleaning for more demanding cleaning issues.
    • Organic cleaning for eco-friendly results.

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    Why choose The Florida Maids in Clermont

    At The Florida Maids, we place the trust and the satisfaction of our customers as the highest priority. We take the necessary steps to ensure that the house cleaning service we arrange across Clermont meets your needs and standards.



    Quality cleaning

    The cleaning service we bring to you is thorough and efficient. Also, count on transparent pricing without any hidden costs.


    Vetted cleaners

    The maids we dispatch are meticulously screened and vetted to ensure your peace of mind every time they arrive.


    Easy scheduling

    The Florida Maids has created an easy online booking system that will help connect you to experienced cleaners in 60 seconds.


    Free time

    Our primary aim is to help you regain your free time and completely eliminate the stress of house cleaning from your life.


    Discover our satisfaction guarantee

    At The Florida Maids, we always try to bring comprehensive and dependable house cleaning services or vacation rental cleaning to residents of Orlando and the nearby neighborhoods. That is why we offer the 24-hour Peace of Mind guarantee. Your cleaners will always do their best to thoroughly clean your home. However, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with their house cleaning efforts, let us know and we’ll promptly dispatch a skilled cleaner to take care of all the problem areas at no extra charge.

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    If you’re ready to schedule a maid service in Clermont or the nearby neighborhoods, use our streamlined online booking platform to make an appointment. We’ll dispatch a house cleaner, and send automated reminders, just in case. Get a cleaning quote below!

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    • If you’re thinking of booking a professional house cleaning service across the Clermont area, you should know what you can expect your cleaners to do. Standardized house cleaning consists of typical cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping of all the most-used surfaces around your home. The goal behind a standard cleaning service is to help you keep your home clean and fresh on a regular basis by tackling the most common cleaning tasks around your home. However, you should also know what not expect your cleaners to do, and this includes:
      – Moving heavy pieces of furniture
      – Cleaning of areas higher than 10 ft
      – Cleaning your walls

    • If you’ve heard that many people are opting for a more thorough, deep cleaning, you may be wondering whether booking deep cleaning services really is necessary. There are two answers to this question, and they depend on:
      – Your own cleaning habits
      – The frequency of professional house cleaning you schedule
      – The current state of your household
      If you hire professional maids to clean your home on a regular basis, chances are your home won’t need a deep cleaning. However, if it’s been some time since experienced house cleaners have visited your home or if you notice serious grime or dirt forming around your home, it is definitely time to book a deep cleaning service in Clermont, Florida and ensure your home is completely clean.

    • It is difficult to say just how long it will take qualified maids to clean your household. The amount of time a maid service takes depends on two very important factors:
      – The type of cleaning service
      – The current state of your household
      More thorough cleaning services, such as deep cleaning or move in/move out cleaning, take longer. Also, it takes a lot longer to clean a home that professionals haven’t been to in some time than a home that is regularly maintained by house cleaning experts. However, the average time it takes to clean the your home, room by room, is:
      – 20 to 45 minutes for the kitchen.
      – 30 to 45 minutes for the bathroom.
      – 15 to 60 minutes for the bedroom.
      The Florida Maids is here to bring you the most comprehensive maid service in all of Clermont and the surrounding neighborhoods. You can rely on the experienced maids we dispatch to your home to do an impeccable house cleaning job, no matter your needs. Reach out to us today!

    • Move in and move out cleaning services are specifically designed to thoroughly clean either a home you’re moving out of, or a new home you’re moving into. There are some tasks all move in/move out cleaning services include, and they are:
      – Vacuuming and mopping of all the floors
      – Wiping down all baseboards
      – Dusting all fixtures and surfaces
      – Cleaning the inside and outside of appliances and cabinetry
      – Cleaning countertops, showers, toilets, and sinks
      You can always rely on The Florida Maids to arrange the most comprehensive move in and move out cleaning service. We will connect you to experienced house cleaners who will help you leave your old home in pristine condition, and make sure your new home in Clermont is clean and ready for you. Contact us today!

    • Contact The Florida Maids, the leading house cleaning company across the Clermont area and take back your free time. Allow the experienced and qualified house cleaning professionals to take care of all the house cleaning duties with ease. Whether you live near Waterfront Park or closer to the Clermont Historic Village Museum, depend on your experienced cleaners to help you get your home spick and span. We bring comprehensive house cleaning services to residents of Orlando and all the surrounding areas, Clermont included. However, we can also arrange an efficient house cleaning service in Celebration and trusted house cleaning services in Casselberry, as well as high-quality house cleaning service in Apopka. Wherever in the wider Orlando area you want your cleaners to come, they will be there. Contact us today!

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