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Top Airbnb cleaning ensures your property in Saint Cloud, FL is always ready for guests.

    How vacation rental cleaning works

    Are you the owner of an Airbnb property in Saint Cloud, Florida? If so, you understand how much effort goes into keeping a vacation rental guest-ready at all times. Here at The Florida Maids, we’d like to make your life easier and boost your revenue by ensuring your Airbnb rental receives professional cleanings on a regular basis. In addition to professional-grade home cleaning services, we also offer:

    • Fully automated billing and scheduling
    • Thoroughly vetted and background checked maids
    • Always Show guarantee
    • 100% happiness guarantee for every cleaning

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    The advantage we provide

    As any Airbnb guest will tell you, having a clean vacation rental is a must. After all, nobody wants to sleep in a dirty room, especially if they’re paying for it. By matching you with an in-depth vacation rental cleaning service in Saint Cloud, Florida, we’ll not just be making your guests happy (which will translate into higher ratings for your Airbnb), we’ll also help you reclaim the valuable free time you would otherwise spend cleaning.



    24-hour Peace of Mind guarantee

    We will happily send an expert cleaner back to your home to re-clean any areas you’re not happy with at no additional cost.


    Experienced & trustworthy Maids

    All of our Airbnb cleaners have passed a strict vetting process that includes background and reference checks.


    Long list of happy customers

    We have extensive industry experience, with hundreds of successful cleanings performed in Saint Cloud, FL alone.


    Hassle-free scheduling process

    Our state-of-the-art scheduling system enables you to book recurring and personalized cleanings in no time.


    Your happiness is our top priority

    Here at The Florida Maids, we hold our clients in the very highest regard. To show you how much we care, we have included a complete satisfaction guarantee with our Airbnb cleaning service in Saint Cloud, Florida. If our cleaners ever fail to clean an area to your liking, we want you to let us know ASAP. We’ll send a cleaner to your place right away to fix the problem and we’ll do it for free!

    Our Airbnb cleaning service is at your fingertips

    We’re all about providing our clients in Saint Cloud, FL, with a smooth experience that respects their time and requires no micromanagement after the initial scheduling. Not only can you get an automated cleaning plan that has been customized to meet the needs of your Airbnb, we’ll also send you regular notifications about the status of your cleaning and whether something at your property needs fixing. Get your free estimate here:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Your Airbnb in Saint Cloud, FL, should be freshly cleaned, tidied up, and resupplied with hygiene items such as toilet paper and paper towels before your next guests arrive. If no more than a day or two passes between each check-in, a good rule of thumb is to have the place professionally cleaned right after your guests check out.
      However, if more than 5-6 days have passed since the last cleaning, it’s a good idea to re-clean the property shortly before the next check-in.

    • When you hire The Florida Maids, you can freely customize your rental property cleaning service to include any specialized cleaning services you need. Our standard Airbnb cleaning includes:
      -Wiping down the countertops
      -Cleaning the appliances
      -Making the beds
      -Mopping and sweeping the floors
      -Cleaning the mirrors
      -Doing the laundry (bedsheets and towels included)
      -Cleaning the bathtubs, toilets, and showers
      -Wiping down sinks and bathroom fixtures
      -Putting up fresh towels
      Vacuuming rugs and carpets
      -Taking out the garbage

    • If you’re looking to take your vacation rental cleaning in Orlando to the next level by outsourcing it to fully insured and trained cleaners, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Florida Maids, we boast years of industry presence and a long list of returning clients.
      We serve the entirety of Saint Cloud, so it’s all the same to us whether you’re located near the Saint Cloud High School or the Lakefront Park: our cleaners will still arrive right on time to make sure your vacation rental is safe and clutter-free before your guests arrive.
      But what if you don’t live in Saint Cloud? No problem! Our services are available in more than 30 areas throughout Florida. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re in need of:
      Extensive Airbnb cleaning in Mount Dora
      In-depth Airbnb rental cleaning service in Ocoee
      Comprehensive vacation rental cleaning in Oviedo, and more
      Reach out to The Florida Maids and automate your Airbnb cleaning today!

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