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    What we offer to Airbnb hosts in Lake Mary and the area

    If you want to make your Airbnb stand out, you need to plan ahead and take steps to ensure your guests feel comfortable there. For the majority of Airbnb guests, the number one priority is cleanliness. If a high standard of hygiene is what you are after, you want Airbnb cleaning professionals to take over. On top of that, we offer you a customizable Orlando house cleaning service package which we will coordinate conveniently so you can focus on marketing your rental. Perks include:

    • Automated scheduling
    • Automated notifications
    • Always Show guarantee
    • 5-step screened cleaners

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    Why choose us for AIrbnb and vacation rental cleaning

    The Florida Maids gives you a unique opportunity to turn your short-term rental into a long-term source of steady revenue. And while you can establish dynamic rules and workflow in a way that matches your lifestyle and busy schedule, there is one feature you cannot afford to compromise on: the cleaning and maintenance of your rental. We will custom-design your dependable solution for recurring Airbnb cleaning services and take care of all the associated technicalities for you.



    100% quality guaranteed

    We are committed and responsible to you, and we have an absolute satisfaction guarantee to prove it.


    400 clients a year

    Our competent cleaners make life and work easier for hundreds of clients every year.


    720 super clean properties

    If you want consistent results and professionalism, you’ve come to the right place.


    30 areas covered

    We have the means, the skills and the peeps to cover 30 areas, including Lake Mary.


    Satisfaction guarantee

    If you want a higher standard of cleanliness in your Airbnb or vacation rental that will impress your guests who will then shower you with stellar reviews, we have got you covered. We always put our best effort into giving clients in Lake Mary and the surrounding areas the best value for money. In the off chance that the outcome of the service fails to live up to your expectations and you want to lodge a complaint, reach out to our customer support team who will schedule your free-of-charge reclean within 48 hours!

    Schedule a cleaning right away

    Time is a precious commodity, especially when you run an Airbnb on the side and need everything to function like clockwork even when you are not around to oversee things. We can make it happen. Once you include a dependable Airbnb cleaning provider in your process, you’re on your way to building a stable future in vacation rental in Lake Mary and other areas around and creating a steady stream of revenue. Our service includes automatic service reminders and notifications. Make your appointment now!

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    • If you want your guests to feel at home, you need to make sure your Orlando Airbnb is professionally clean and fresh in time for the next check-in. What’s more, when you run an Airbnb, you have to be mindful of the latest cleaning industry standards, as well as of any updates to the Airbnb’s cleaning process guidelines. But let us worry about that. At The Florida Maids, we understand what level of service our clients and their guests expect, and this is what we deliver. What’s more, once the cleaners are better familiar with your property in Lake Mary or other places in the area, they will be able to do their job even more efficiently. If you see yourself as a short-term rental operator who sells time, you are on the right track, even if you lack experience. You have other things to focus on besides your Airbnb or vacation rental management and its cleaning routine. Whether it’s your education, job, career or hobby or your family time and social life, you deserve to catch a break and we are here to make all the arrangements to that effect.

    • At The Florida Maids, we offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for the cleaning of your vacation rental or Airbnb and we will work out the service price based on the frequency and complexity of your cleaning service. At The Florida Maids, we offer a client-centered service and we will do our best to help streamline your process and enhance the quality of your professional and personal life by giving you the best value. Keeping your Airbnb property clean in accordance with recommendations from health authorities can be a challenging, time-consuming ordeal. But it can also be well-worth the effort, especially if you outsource cleaning to a modern cleaning company with a strong track record in the industry and strong commitment to its clients. When it comes to the supplies needed for the cleaning of your Airbnb or vacation rental, we’ve got you covered: not only do we bring our own cleaning equipment and supplies, but also offer  organic cleaning which ensures the health and safety of cleaners and guests alike.

    • If you wish, you can add a cleaning fee to the total cost of the booking, or you can simply have it absorbed in the overall rate. You need to look at the bigger picture and find out which additional charges make most sense for you from the financial point of view.

    • The short answer is that you need to have an automated cleaning service schedule set up as part of your streamlined Airbnb management process. With a reliable partner by your side, you can enjoy a high standard and efficiency of the cleaning service which in turn can help your Airbnb stay profitable. We can be that partner for you. We will make sure the process is smoothly organized and the timing is well-managed. We are your go-to cleaning company if you want to have your vacation rental cleaning organized in a dependable, timely manner. Running an Airbnb or vacation rental is a great way to put the precious commodity of time to excellent use without much heavy lifting, and have the ability to enjoy the finer things in life along with the assurance that your property is in safe, competent hands. We can make arrangements on your behalf to spare you the ordeal of managing the cleaning and maintenance of your property and enable you to make steady passive income through your Airbnb or vacation rental.

    • Do you have an Airbnb or vacation rental located close to Lake Mary High School or near Lake Mary Station? Then we have a business proposal just for you. You may be busy with resolution requests for missing items, damages or other issues prior to the next check-in or struggling to keep up with the latest Airbnb guidelines. If that is the case, cleaning is the last thing you have time to dabble in, which is where The Florida Maids team of skilled short-term vacation rental and Airbnb cleaners comes in. We will create a custom cleaning plan for your Airbnb or vacation rental in Lake Mary or other communities in the area. Our trusted cleaning professionals will take over the cleaning without disrupting your lifestyle so you can enjoy the relief of a life with less stress and more free time. With just a few clicks of a button, you can schedule a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning service for your Airbnb or vacation rental. The schedule will be completely automated and the whole process safe and hassle-free. Check out our user-friendly platform and book away!

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